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Can you replay missions in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion has a huge amount of story missions that take players all around dystopian London. They often involve big shoot-outs or stealthy heists, culminating in a showdown with some awful boss or group of enemies. Some standout missions deserve to be experienced again and again. Here’s how to replay missions in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to replay missions in Watch Dogs: Legion

how to replay missions in watch dogs legion

Rather than selecting “Replay Mission” from a “Select Mission” list, replaying story missions is a little more complicated, but it is possible.

To replay missions in Watch Dogs: Legion players will need to use the New Game+ mode.

As confirmed by Ubisoft, New Game+ will be added in a post-launch update that is scheduled for 2021. Once that is added, players will be able to replay the game with their existing roster of characters.

Assuming it works like other implementations, players will keep all Tech Upgrades and Gadgets, as well as their Team of characters. This will also mean that Aiden Pearce will be playable throughout the entire game, once the Bloodline DLC is out.

Even when that feature is added, there will still be room for a level select function. Being able to replay missions to acquire certain operatives could be awesome, especially some of the more evil enemies.

Replayable missions isn’t the only thing coming soon, as online multiplayer is also being added on December 3, 2020. This will offer 4-player co-op, PvE and PvP modes, as well as free roam.

To help kill time while New Game+ is added, players can rile up the Albion forces to hit Pursuit Level 5. This is the highest wanted level in the game and is surprisingly difficult to earn.

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