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Watch Dogs: Legion Pursuit Level 5 | How to get a 5-Star Wanted Level

Getting Pursuit Level 5 in Watch Dogs: Legion is surprisingly tough to do. For whatever reason, the Albion enforcers aren’t as strict as police in other games. While a 5-star wanted level in GTA is a simple matter of mowing down civilians or shooting police, it can be difficult to hit level 5 in WD: Legion. Here’s the easy way to do it.

How to get Pursuit Level 5 in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion Pursuit Level 5

Players are unlikely to experience a Pursuit Level 5 during normal gameplay, as it takes a lot of chaos for the Albion forces to raise the wanted level to the maximum. This can be annoying for Trophy and Achievement hunters, as the “You Don’t See Me!” challenge requires players escape a Pursuit Level 5.

Easy way to get Pursuit Level 5

  1. Players will first want to prepare for the fight. Make sure the operative is equipped with two good weapons with full ammo. An automatic weapon and grenade launcher are optimal.
  2. Changing the difficulty down to Easy will also help your operative stay alive. This won’t affect any other Trophies or Achievements, and you can switch back to Normal or Hard once your 5-star rampage has been achieved.
  3. Start raising the Pursuit Level by getting in a car and mowing down civilians. The spy car is a great choice as it comes equipped with missiles.
  4. Continue to run over innocents until you find a good spot to set up and start a shootout with police.
  5. Use drone-hacking skills to deal with the combat drones and watch out for cloaked soldiers that may sneak up on you.
  6. The grenade launcher is fantastic for blowing up multiple Albion cars as they surround the area. Otherwise, aiming to headshot as many Albion soldiers as possible will quickly bring things to Pursuit Level 4.
  7. Pursuit Level 5 requires more chaos and destruction. Hold out and headshot as Albion soldiers, while taking down drones with gunfire or hacks. The AR Cloak can provide a quick getaway to heal and reposition.

How to lose Pursuit Level in Watch Dogs: Legion 

Watch Dogs: Legion Pursuit Level 5

While earning Pursuit Level 5 can be tricky, losing it is actually fairly easy. Those wanting to get the “You Don’t See Me!” Trophy or Achievement can use the Statue Emote, while other players can simply use the AR Cloak.

Break line-of-sight with soldiers and keep moving. Enter an empty car to quickly drive off, hacking ramps and traffic to stop Albion from following.

Those that want to rid themselves of the murderous operative who earned Pursuit Level 5 may want to know how to delete characters from the team.

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