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How many Operatives can you recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion?

How many Operatives can you recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion? It’s possible to add any NPC as a playable character in the new Watch Dogs game, though, naturally, there is an Operative recruitment cap. Here are the details on the maximum number of Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion.

What is the max number of Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion?

How many operatives can you recruit in Watch Dogs Legion

Recruiting new characters to DedSec’s cause is one of the best new features in Watch Dogs: Legion. Whether playing on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Series S there comes a time when the recruitable Operatives limit is reached, however. Whichever platform users are playing on, the max Operatives number is always the same.

The maximum amount of Operatives that can be recruited in Watch Dogs: Legion is 20. This max Operative cap only applies to a player’s current DedSec recruits; by deleting an active Operative, it’s possible to add another character in their place.

Although having any kind of Watch Dogs: Legion character limit might sound restrictive, 20 playable Operatives being at the player’s disposal is still impressive. Since it’s also possible to dismiss and recruit new Operatives, it isn’t an inflexible hard cap that prevents experimentation.

With the question of “How many Operatives can you recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion?” cleared up, which Ops are the best to recruit? Ultimately, that depends on the player. Picking a range of Operatives that both complement and contrast one another is recommended, though anybody that wants to stick with a certain playstyle or character aesthetic totally can.

Reaching the max amount of Operatives in Legion before multiplayer launches in December could be helpful. Assuming that the same roster of Operatives carry over to MP, having plenty of recruits to choose from could help to counteract inevitable teamkills during co-op sessions.

Operatives will definitely be making the jump to next-gen, though; it’s already been confirmed that current-gen save data will transfer to next-gen platforms within the same console family.