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Watch Dogs: Legion | Tips for beginners I wish I knew before playing

Watch Dogs: Legion tips and tricks are essential for beginners looking for a guide to Ubisoft’s open-world London. When playing through the sequel, players will likely have a number of questions pertaining to its Operatives, puzzles, and more, many of which have answers that aren’t immediately apparent to new players just starting out.

Here are the Watch Dogs: Legion beginners tips we wish we knew before playing:

Fast travel is available anywhere

watch dogs legion tips and tricks for beginners guide

Many missions will see you being thrown around from pillar to post in Watch Dogs: Legion‘s open-world London, but fast travel completely eradicates the time you’ll spend navigating its world if you just want to go from Point A to Point B. Fast travel doesn’t require you to go to the London Underground, as you can instead select a tube station from the menu and travel there. You can also directly travel to DedSec’s safe house.

The Beekeeper is one of the best Operatives

The Beekeeper is armed with a tremendously useful Bee Swarm ability which can take down up to three enemies, while she also a one-hit kill weapon. One of the most useful Operatives in the game, she can also be found and recruited immediately, so new players should make this a top priority.

Parcel Fox drones make money fast

ETO can be hard to come by if you’re solely relying on missions to earn you money, so you’re going to want to have other streams of cash flowing in. One such source of revenue can be acquired after unlocking the Tech ability to hack Parcel Fox drones, which will allow you to get them to drop their parcels.

Each parcel contains between 40–140 ETO, with them spawning incredibly frequently if you stand in a well-populated area. This means that you can rack up more ETO just by hacking them than you would by completing a 30-minute mission. Check out other ways to get ETO fast in our guide.

Choose the right Operative for recruitment missions

Losing an Operative to an injury or arrest (or death, in Permadeath mode’s case) is always a headache, but it’s even more of an issue during recruitment missions. Recruitment missions will typically only give you one shot at completing their objectives, and if you fail, the prospective recruit won’t think kindly of DedSec.

Typically, a failed recruitment mission will mean that you’ll need to unlock the Deep Profiler and put in some extra work to convince them to join you. As such, it’s always best to approach them with your strongest or most capable Operative for the job, rather than leaving these missions to your weaker team members.

Restricted areas can be accessed without hacking

Watch Dogs: Legion may be a game about hacking, but when it comes to accessing restricted areas, there’s often an easier way to approach them. Some of these alternatives may not be as stealthy — shooting terminals can alert guards to your location, which is rarely a good thing — but they can routinely get the job done easier than trying to hack your way in. Find out all the different alternatives in our guide.

Reducing the difficulty of the puzzles

watch dogs legion tips tricks guide

Some of Watch Dogs: Legion‘s node puzzles can be real head-scratchers, and if you’re not a big fan of getting stumped in your open-world action game, then there’s actually a way to make them easier in the game’s menus.

Selecting the first Operative

Almost immediately, Watch Dogs: Legion gives you a team of Operatives to choose from. This is a tense decision considering this person will be a part of your team, though knowing that you’ll recruit many, many different Operatives throughout your playtime certainly makes the decision easier when you’re first starting out.