Former The Last Guardian Devs Tease Trailer for Vane

Tokyo-based indie studio Friend & Foe, whose five-man team features former developers from The Last Guardian, has been bunkering down since announcing Vane, along with Dangerous Men, as one of its premiere projects back in June.

And now they've finally released a gorgeous teaser trailer for Vane, which already looks to have the same artistic backbone as Journey and ICO. Not bad company to keep with, so let's hope this platformer can prove that it belongs. I suggest watching this teaser trailer for Tokyo Game Show in HD first before moving on to the next paragraph.

Okay, are you back? Good. The shadowy protagonist seems to have the ability to transform into a bird and has an objective to travel to these stone ruins in the middle of a desert that, for a few frames, reminds me of the Thunder Plains from Final Fantasy X. Now would be a good time to watch the trailer again, if just for the music. I already have about six times.