Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Gets Legends of the Lawn Update

While Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has seen many different updates since launch, the latest adds new characters, a new game mode, and tons of new customization options in a new pack called Legends of the Lawn.

The classic rock radio station DJ near me once said that he always wanted to mow the lawn and when his dad finally let him, he realized why he was so stupid. I'd like to say the same, though knowing how much I enjoyed Garden Warfare earlier this year (read my full review here), Legend of the Lawn might do the trick if your lawn needs to be mowed with dual analog controls.

Players can choose from new plants and zombies Golf Star, Centurion, Paleontologist, Chomp Thing, Alien Flower, Jade Cactus, and Sanitation Expert. Taco Bandits, the newly added game mode, challenges players to defend Crazy Dave's tacos. If a team can either protect or steal the tacos, they win the match.

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