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Image: Courtesy of Netflix

1899 Fans Slam Netflix After Show’s Cancelation: ‘What Is Even the Point?’

The Netflix axe has fallen once more, this time on its original series 1899. From the creators of the critically-acclaimed Dark, the show was released to a majority of positive reviews and quickly gained a loyal following. Unfortunately, it seems that those who supported the show weren’t enough for the streaming giant to give the green light for a proposed second and third season, leaving fans furious.

Netflix under fire by angry 1899 fans as it cancels TV show from Dark creators

It’s fair to say that the reaction to 1899’s cancelation has been a wholly negative one. Social media has been flooded with disgust at yet another original series’ removal from Netflix’s future, following co-creator Baran bo Odar revealing the news through a statement shared to his Instagram page, which was also signed by fellow co-creator Jantje Freise. “We know this will disappoint millions of fans out there,” the pair wrote, and have quickly been proven correct in that assumption.

One Twitter user questioned why Netflix chose “a team and a story that has a set three-season arc, only to then possibly be willing to cancel it,” while another said that they “feel like Netflix just need to stop greenlighting complex multi-season stories when they’re so jittery about renewals.” Some even started a petition to ask Netflix to reverse its decision, gaining over 15,000 signatures in just 15 hours.

Along with the predictable upset from 1899 fans after the cancelation, came some threats of ending their Netflix subscription altogether. One subscriber said that this news was their “personal final nail in the coffin,” while another agreed and asked, “if you can’t trust Netflix to finish a story why shouldn’t I subscribe for one month every few years and then cancel?”

Having raked in an impressive 257 million hours viewed on Netflix in 2022 since release, the decision to cancel 1899 is even more confusing. Hopefully, Netflix will give some answers as to why it chose to cut the series rather than renew it, but audiences shouldn’t hold their breath. The company has been typically shtum about this sort of thing in the past.

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