The Evil Within Runs at 30fps Across All Platforms

The Evil Within
 will run at 30fps on all platforms, Bethesda Softworks has confirmed.

Regardless of whether you play the game on last-gen hardware or Xbox One, PS4 or PC, the framerate will be the same, as this was an intentional decision by the game's creator, Shinji Mikami. 

According to the Bethesda's official blog:

Shinji Mikami and the team at Tango designed The Evil Within to be played at 30fps and to utilize an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 for all platforms.

The team has worked the last four years perfecting the game experience with these settings in mind. For PC players, we’ll provide debug commands on how you can alter the framerate and aspect ratio, but these commands and changes are not recommended or supported and we suggest everyone play the game as it was designed and intended for the best experience.

So, it looks like crafty PC gamers may be able to squeak out a few extra frames. Honestly though, will a framerate bump really make all that much of a difference gameplay-wise for a slow third-person survival horror game of this ilk?

The Evil Within releases next week on October 14. Let us know if you'll be picking it up at launch in the comments below.