Origin Giving Away Free Copies of Crusader: No Remorse

Origin's "On The House" program is back with another absolutely free game, this time replacing Bejeweled 2 with Crusader: No Remorse. You can download this PC action title originally (see what I did there?) priced at $4.99 from the official "On The House" webpage for an undisclosed limited time.


The only real catch to getting the free game is claiming the game through Origin, but you probably have EA's proprietary platform anyway on your PC.

The 'T'-rated Crusader: No Remorse released on August 30, 1995 and follows the story of a deadly Silencer who joins the Resistance to destroy the World Economic Consortium whom you served before discovering that they were corrupt. Strangely enough, that sounds like the backstory to pretty much everything nowadays. How much have we changed?

And yes, GameRevolution is so old-school that we've actually got cheats for it