EA’s Origin Lets You Download Dead Space for Free

Cult classic horror Dead Space is now available for free on Origin, through EA’s On The House scheme.

Dead Space, which has been available once before via EA’s benevolence, follows the travails of engineer Isaac Clarke, whose rescue work on the Ishimura rapidly turns sour. The game turns 10 this year, so what better way to celebrate than by jumping back into Isaac’s clunky suit and dismembering a Necromorph or two?

To add Dead Space to your Origin library, you’ll have to log in (duh) and head to either EA’s On The House page and click the orange button that says ‘Add To Game Library’ or search directly for Dead Space through the storefront. Once you’ve done that, download the game and, et voila, one of gaming’s finest horror experiences is available, ready to download.

While you’d think such deals are included in a limited window, On The House free games normally last between 1 and 70 days, with the mean length of time being 42 days. In essence, there’s no rush, but if you don’t download it in time and EA pull the plug then, welp, no free Dead Space for you. What’s you’ve downloaded it, however, it’s free for life. The only thing better than free is something free from EA.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Origin now and download Dead Space for free. No catches, no selling your soul, no additional microtransactions to make sure Isaac can breathe in outer space.  Take a terrifying trip back to when gaming was simple, and single-player games really mattered. Are you ready to die like it’s 2008 all over again?