Vainglory Launches in Europe on November 13th, United States on November 18th

Vainglory, from Super Evil Megacorp, will launch on mobile platforms starting in Europe next week, followed closely by launches via the iTunes App Store in the Americas, Middle East, and Africa on November 18th.

European gamers with an iPad 2 or better or an iPhone 5S or better will be able to download the game for free starting on November 13th, though Asiatic countries will have to wait until November 2nd and Chinese, Japanese, and Korean gamers will have to go without a specified launch date until later.

We went hands-on with Vainglory a few weeks back and its attempt at bridging the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena gap between experienced and casual gamers does go a long way in making the genre a little friendlier. Click the link above to read our full impressions.