Telltale’s Game of Thrones Steam Page Revealed, Arriving in December

Steam has a newly minted page for Telltale's Game of Thrones, a game that the developer loves to tease and hide information about this six-part series until the final moment. Well, this time at least we have some additional information that Telltale is finally willing to share.

Not only has the game been priced at $29.99, with $3.00 off for pre-ordering the series, but the series has been dated at December. Still vague, thanks. By some deduction, this probably means that Game of Thrones won't be available in the first weeks of December and will likely be ready in mid-December before Christmas. (So somebody please gift this to me then?)

The teaser trailer was released last week and some comments were made saying that it didn't look that great. Given that The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us were not based on any existing characters, while Game of Thrones will be based on the actors in the TV Show (thank goodness Peter Dinklage can repair his voice-acting performance from Destiny), so the sentiments are understandable.