Alien: Isolation Downloadable Content Details Revealed

Here's nearly twelve minutes of video for the latest downloadable content released by Sega for Alien: Isolation, the survival horror game our reviewer Blake called "amazingly immersive" with plenty of "slavish devotion to source material", though this video may give you a decent idea of what to expect if you haven't picked it up yet.

The developers at Creative Assembly describe Trauma on the game's website, though you'll want to check out our full review here. Alien: Isolation is out now. Read on for more details regarding Trauma's three new maps:

'Trauma', will see you exploring the three new maps as Sevastopol's medical officer, Dr. Lingard, who you may have already encountered in our main game. Racked with guilt and feeling responsible for bringing the creature on board, she holds herself liable for the death and destruction that ravages the station as the Alien is unleashed.

Wanting to ensure that her research on the creature can never fall into the wrong hands, Lingard sets out to destroy all the data and do as much as she can to help the remaining survivors. Playing as Lingard, you'll be facing the challenge of competing against other players to get the fastest time and the highest points score across three new Survivor Mode maps, "Reoperation", "Crawl Space" and Overrun".