Frontier Celebrates Elite: Dangerous Launch With New Video

Elite: Dangerous combines classic science fiction elements and intense deep-space dogfighting, with particular emphasis on the "intense" part should you decide to play with Oculus Rift VR goggles and heavy duty accessories.

At least, that was my experience with the game last week. This launch trailer looks at the kind of action you can expect in-game, but developer Frontier wants gamers to know they'll get a few bonuses for joining the fight today.

In a press release, Frontier says that preordering the Mercenary Edition of the game today will get you the following goodies:

  • Digital download of Elite: Dangerous
  • Eagle fighter ship, docked in a secondary location
  • Various ship paint jobs
  • "Day One" ship decal
  • Digital player's guide
  • Digital concept art book

Elite: Dangerous gives players choice in the year 3300, though that choice will ultimately force them to pick a side and fight, explore, harvest, and craft throughout the full-scale Milky Way recreation. For more, check our game page by clicking the title below or click here for our hands-on, VR-ready preview.