New Trailer Introduces The Banner Saga to Vita, PS4

In preparation for The Banner Saga's 2015 trip to PS4 and PSV, publisher Versus Evil and developer Stoic have come up with this trailer:


Humans like to say great things about stuff they make, so it's so surprise that the devs have called The Banner Saga "a natural fit" for the PlayStation Vita, the only system to combine the use of buttons and touchscreen commands. The PSBlog post reads:


The Banner Saga is often described as like reading a good book, because players often get engaged in the story and have a hard time putting it down.

Vita will allow players to continue their journey when they leave their homes. Stoic initially designed the UI and the gameplay with the idea of mobile devices in mind, and the Vita is no exception as the gameplay, UI, and design all work extremely well on the platform. The idea of holding The Banner Saga in your hands and utilizing both the Vita’s controls and its touch surfaces while being able to move about freely in the real world is something we’re really keen on developing and seeing in action in 2015.

You can see what Ryan Bates thought of the PC version in this review.