Latest Video for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Features Multiplayer

Using the Wii U GamePad stylus, players will control Nintendo's pink puff ball by drawing lines on the screen in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse replete with various puzzles and platform challenges for up to four players.

The video above offers up plenty of gameplay footage and I'm already enticed by the clay-like art style, though some levels look progressively more chaotic. Still, playing in multiplayer may leave one GamePad user in hot water if they can't draw lines fast enough.

Three other players will have to help Kirby with a few challenges, but it's clear that single-player content remains the lead in Rainbow Curse. The video also reveals that Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight amiibo owners will be able to use the figures for new content. For more Wii U coverage, click here to visit our tag page. We'll have more on Kirby and the Rainbow Curse in the coming weeks. It's currently set for release on February 13th.

[Via JoyStiq]