Boo Bunny Plague Review

Joey Davidson
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  • On The Level Game Studios

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  • 09/04/2014
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  • PC


This one’s for you, fellow broke gamer!

The first thing that’s going to strike you if you give Boo Bunny Plague a shot is the budget price. This game sells for only $5.99, and it feels like $5.99. Make no qualms about that—this is a cheap title.

The graphics, the audio, the gameplayall of those are exceptionally "budget" in nature. Just accept it. Because, the sooner you accept that, the sooner you might find a fun, little game that’s absolutely worth its price of entry. Oh, it’s by no means perfect, but Boo Bunny Plague kept me entertained throughout its duration, and that in and of itself makes it worth it..

The whole game takes place in a crazy world where a rabbit and robot are best friends. The rabbit escapes from an assembly line, destroys a robot T. Rex, makes friends with a yellow dude, and we’re off to the races. Boo Bunny must find an auto-repair unit in order to fix himself before time runs out… except there is no timer. That’s just in the background of the story.

The game itself is extremely simple and, for lack of a better word, barren. The environments, while varied, are large and empty, and look like something out of the Nintendo 64 or PlayStation era. In that sense, this game very much feels like a brawler from the same age: quick objectives, only one real way to hit things, and a lot of dumb enemies to slog through.

The combat is extremely repetitive. I found it best to switch to the right guitar (more on that in a second), and just move around in circles while hitting enemies again and again (and again) to defeat them. That goes for bosses, anything that shoots, anything that hits back, and everything else in between.

Each level has a few guitars hidden in it. They might be good, they might cause confusion, they might catch enemies on fire, or they might be completely useless. Whatever the case, you’re going to want to find as many guitars as possible in order to score easy achievements, deal extra damage to certain enemies, and eventually finish your quest.

I know that I’m not really selling this game that well so far, but that's because Boo Bunny Plague’s charm isn’t in how good it is mechanically, technically, or stylistically. Boo Bunny Plague works because it’s absolutely ridiculous. Every cutscene has an absurd song, sung by our hero in comically horrible fashion. There is also a constant train of terrible jokes, the kind that you probably made and laughed at in your early teens (unless you’re in your early teens now, which, hey, enjoy). The storyline itself, complete with equally silly plot beats and dance numbers, actually has enough push in it to keep you rolling through the otherwise lackluster game.

Boo Bunny Plague reminds me of how I spent my Saturdays as a kid. I’d rent a budget game on my N64, fight through it for hours, have a few laughs, and return it considering money well-spent. The kicker? Owning Boo Bunny Plague is only a few bucks more than renting a game would have been back then.

I mention this bout of nostalgia because that’s exactly why I wound up liking this game. Sure, it’s a mess. It glitched on me a few times, the design is woefully old, and the gameplay teeters towards boring. But in spite of all those issues, Boo Bunny Plague won me over. It’s a good little distraction at $5.99. If it hits $0.99 during a sale? Yeah, get it.


Code provided by publisher. PC exclusive.


Excellent sense of humor
Great price
Retro design
A story you'll somehow care about
Feels "budget" all over
Stupid enemies
Repetitive combat
Rather short