World of Goo 2019 update remasters game 10 years after launch

World of Goo 2019 update has surprised players with some changes to the game ten years after its original launch. Let’s start things off with setting some expectations: there are no new levels, characters, or new gameplay modes in this update; this is simply a remastered release that improves the game graphically and adds in some UI improvements.

One of the biggest changes in the World of Goo 2019 update is something that you can’t really see. The underlying framework for the game has been replaced. Without getting too technical, this change will allow World of Goo to run on modern PCs on Windows, Mac, and Linux without “freaking out” according to a blog post from the developers. Players will also be able to run the game at whatever resolution they would like. The aspect ratio has also been changed from 4:3 to a more modern 16:9 aspect ratio by default.

Some graphical improvements have also made their way into the game. Originally, World of Goo’s graphics was set at a native 800 x 600 resolution. This is a bit small for modern screens, so the resolution of the graphics has effectively been doubled. Other graphical and UI improvements from other platforms (like the Nintendo Switch) have been ported to the PC version.

Finally, some more under the hood changes have been added in the World of Goo 2019 update. Save files and assets are no longer encrypted which should make it easier to mod the game. The config.user.txt file has been moved to wherever your save file is stored. Perhaps most importantly, a cheesy joke about the game looking good in high definition remains untouched.

So, why are all these changes coming in the World of Goo 2019 update? The devs don’t explicitly say why, but World of Goo is set to be the next free game on the Epic Games Store starting on May 2, 2019. The update is already live on some storefronts and should be deployed to anywhere else that World of Goo has been sold over the next few weeks.