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Xbox One

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive
GENRE Action 
PUBLISHER Microsoft Studios 
DEVELOPER Insomniac Games 
M Contains Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence

What do these ratings mean?
Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One-exclusive title from Insomniac Games.


Sunset Overdrive preview
I could be super-serious about this, but screw it. WWWHHHEEEEEEEE!
Author: Nick_Tan


See Sunset Overdrive’s Advanced Traversal System in Action 08/22/14
Insomniac Games' upcoming post-apocalyptic action game will have you grinding all over its open world. (read more)

Gamescom 2014 Award Nominees Revealed 08/06/14
Europe's biggest gaming convention feature a few major players in the industry, with best console, PC, and mobile game to award. (read more)

InFamous: Second Son to Sunset Overdrive Comparison “Flattering,” Says Insomniac 08/07/14
If you want to label Sunset Overdrive the "Xbox One version of InFamous: Second Son," go ahead. Insomniac doesn't mind. (read more)

Insomniac Explains Why Sunset Overdrive Is Exclusive to Xbox One 08/06/14
You won't be able to play Insomniac Game's upcoming title on PlayStation hardware. Feels weird, doesn't it? (read more)

Sunset Overdrive Interview: Insomniac Games Talks Xbox One Exclusivity, Mature Themes, and More 08/08/14
Xbox One owners are in for a real treat later this year when Insomniac's first next-gen title blasts its way to store shelves. (read more)

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Sunset Overdrive
Sunset Overdrive 12/19/13
Sunset Overdrive teaser trailer.

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