Super Smash Bros Ultimate Launch Hub – Features and Guides

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now out in the wild, and as the tagline says, everyone is here. It’s the biggest Smash Bros yet, with 74 characters making their way into Nintendo and Bandai’s brawler. Alongside its largest roster ever, the Nintendo Switch fighting game also boasts a whopping 103 stages, allowing players to whup gaming’s most iconic mascots across a variety of different arenas.

There is almost too much game here, and as such we’ve broken down this incredible but daunting fighter in a variety of features and guides on GameRevolution. The following posts will be updated well past Smash Ultimate‘s launch, so be sure to stay tuned as our coverage progresses. Check them all out below and enjoy duking it out with your friends (and rivals) on the Switch!



Smash Bros Ultimate Review – Simply Smashing

Smash Bros Ultimate picked up our latest Editors’ Choice award, with GameRevolution’s reviewer Jason Faulkner praising the game for its accessible couch co-op gameplay, excellent single-player campaign, and the sheer wealth of content tucked into it. We gave it a 4.5 out of 5, making it one of the most highly rated Nintendo Switch games of the entire year.

Top 50 Best Games of 2018

Smash Bros Ultimate ranked in our top 50 best games of 2018, with it placing decidedly high up on the list of our favorite titles this year.

Smash Bros Director Describes How the Series Goes Beyond Being ‘Nintendo All-Stars’ and More

Smash Bros started out life as a Nintendo-only series, though over the years it has evolved to include a bunch of other characters from a wide variety of companies. Director Masahiro Sakurai touched on how and why the series grew from its initial 10-character line-up to its staggering 74-character roster in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Police Respond to Noise Complaint, End Up Playing Smash Bros

Everyone wants to play Smash Bros, even on-duty cops who break up their shift with an impromptu brawl. This odd story about two police officers addressing a noise complaint, only to wind up facing off on Smash for a few rounds, really emphasizes just how far the appeal of Smash Bros stretches.

Persona 5‘s Joker is Coming to Smash

We didn’t expect Persona 5 protagonist Joker to make his way to Smash Bros Ultimate, but during The Game Awards 2018, we found out we’d be able to play as the JRPG hero in the Nintendo Switch blockbuster.

Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

There are 74 fighters, but only one can be the best. Find out who that is in this comprehensive tier list.



How to Unlock Bayonetta

Bayonetta is one of the most popular characters in Smash Bros Ultimate, so obviously her fans want to unlock her first. Here are the instructions to do just that.

All Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters

As if 74 fighters wasn’t enough, Smash Bros Ultimate adds even more characters to the roster with DLC. We have all the characters that will soon make their way to Smash Ultimate right here.

How to Unlock Cloud

Final Fantasy fans will want to unlock this Square Enix hero sooner rather than later, and we break down how to add him to your roster.

What Controllers Are Compatible With Smash Bros Ultimate?

There are a bunch of ways to play Smash Bros Ultimate, making it the most accessible entry in the series yet. Here are all the controllers that pair with the game.

How to Create a Playlist

There is so. much. good. music. in Smash that you’ll want to create a custom playlist of it all. Whether your jam is old-school Mario or a sweeping Fire Emblem score, here’s how you can get your own playlist on the go while fighting.

amiibo Functionality Guide

amiibo can be used with Smash Ultimate, pairing with your Nintendo Switch in order to unlock a variety of Spirits. Find out which Spirits can be unlocked and how to use the amiibo with Smash in this guide.