The Daily Vote | What Star Wars game do you want to play?

Last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration introduced us to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, a brand new single-player game from Respawn. While we’re incredibly interested in seeing what Titanfall 2‘s creators have to bring to the Star Wars universe, there are also plenty of other Star Wars games that we want to see happen. But which Star Wars game deserves to be made the most? Let’s decide in today’s The Daily Vote!

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The winner will be revealed in tomorrow’s The Daily Vote!

Paul Tamburro, GR’s executive editor: “I voted for Knights of the Old Republic 3, which I feel is the only reasonable answer here. The news that the now-canceled KoTOR 3 was going to feature the player-character battling monstrous, ancient Sith lords was super intriguing, but alas, it wasn’t to be. Ultimately, I just want to create my own hero/villain in the Star Wars universe in a sprawling narrative-driven adventure that isn’t an MMO.”

Mack Ashworth, GR’s lead editor: “I’ll be voting for Star Wars 1313. If some magical power (i.e. lots and lots of money) could revive it from the dead, I’d love to hear a deeper story about Boba Fett, a character that didn’t fulfill his potential in the movies. The game was supposed to have a “Mature” rating, meaning it could tackle aspects of the Star Wars universe that hadn’t been explored in the movies. Getting a closer look at the darker part of the universe, fully unfiltered, could have made for some powerful storytelling and intense encounters.”

Bradley Russell, GR’s news editor: Star Wars 1313. Not only because none of the other games particularly interested me, outside of whatever Visceral was going to cook up, but you can’t go wrong just putting the Uncharted formula on everything. Boba Fett narrowly escaping death by hanging from a ledge? Sign me up. It helps, too, that it would have been a far cry from all of the typical lightsaber and Skywalker shenanigans we’ve gotten elsewhere and we probably would have seen a LucasArts renaissance. Oh, what could have been.

Michael Leri, GR’s features editor: “While 1313 looked great, Visceral’s Star Wars game sounded like a classic in the making. The leaks and reports that followed its cancelation were inventive and far away from the films, something these games should do more of. Hennig’s pedigree is superb and knowing that she was behind it only makes me more sad it didn’t see the light of day. I mean, just look at that walrus dude! He looks like he’d be way cooler than Chewbacca.”

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