MontanaBlack88 banned by Twitch for using N-word on someone else’s stream

Popular Twitch streamer MontanaBlack88 has been banned for seven days for reportedly using the N-word in another person’s stream. He had been playing a FIFA game while someone else in his Discord was streaming, and the person who was streaming apparently unmuted the voice chat program right as MontanaBlack88 launched into a string of expletives, one of which reportedly included the racial slur.

Although he was not on his own stream, he was nonetheless broadcasting on Twitch via someone else’s channel. As a consequence, he has been banned from the service for seven days due to his actions. He has since put out a tweet (in his native German) where he explains that he was banned and apologizes for his actions that led him to this point.

MontanaBlack88 Banned

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Here is a translation of the tweet from MontanaBlack88 which explains the situation and includes an apology (via /r/LivestreamFail):

i got bad news 🙁 i got banned for 7 days as of tonight. I was chillin on Discord with a with friends while playing Fifa (apparently Fifa makes him rage hard a few gamer words had been said.) At a unlucky timing the guy that was streaming unmuted himself on discord and a lot of bad words where said in the process. I apologized immediately in hopes everything would be fine since i didnt know that he was streaming.. You can argue that the 7 day ban isn’t fair but i dont want any trouble with Twitch. I’m sorry that i let you guys and myself down.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with MontanaBlack88, he bears the distinction of being one of the top five most-subscribed streamers on the platform. TwitchAnalysis’ list currently has him listed at the #3 position with 26,267 subs, while TwitchTracker’s list has him at #5 with 23,053 subscribers. You’ll be able to watch him again when he returns to Twitch in seven days.