Henry Cavill plays Overwatch and ‘mains’ Symmetra

Henry Cavill has revealed his gaming habits outside of brushing up on The Witcher, noting in a press tour for the new Netflix series that he plays Overwatch and that he mains Symmetra. Cavill also suggested that he wasn’t previously an Overwatch fan, with him initially prioritizing a game that sounds an awful lot like the troubled Battleborn.

“I got back into [Overwatch] just this year,” Cavill explained, “and the character who I initially picked, who was like no one picks this as it’s quite hard to play, it’s a support character. And now everyone hates this character because of the updates they had… [it’s] Symmetra.”

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Cavill’s admission wasn’t criticized, with the interviewer calling the character “great,” before Cavill responds by insisting that “everyone hates her.”

“I either can’t play, or I’m just on easy mode. It’s like, pick a side, guys,” Cavill concluded.

Cavill also says that he primarily played the “rival game” when Overwatch released, until “everyone stopped playing it.” This is most likely a reference to Battleborn, Gearbox’s lane-based FPS which will see its servers going offline in January 2021.

Watch the video of Henry Cavill discussing Overwatch below: