NBA 2K DreamCast Cheats



Enter the following at the ‘Code entry’ screen.
FATHEAD    Big heads
HIMOM      Secret message
MONSTER    Giant players
LITTLEGUY  Small players
DOUGHBOY   Fat players
BEACHBOYS  Big basketball
SQUISHY    Flat players
COACHOUCH  Coaches are constantly in pain
BIGFOOT    Big feet
DEVDUDES   Unlock the 3 Insomniac teams: NBA 2K, SEGA Sports, and SEGA teams
Turbo      Increease game speed


I Can’t Make It:

When shooting a foul shot, go to the pause menu and switch over to the opposing

team. The computer will take your shots and then you can switch back to your

original team.


When the opposing team is taking out the ball, pick your best stealer (point

guard) hold L to get in to defensive stance, stay in front of the guy

who has the ball (tight “d”) wait until he passes the ball to the center, then

come from behind and steal the ball. This works almost every time.

Get That out of Here:

For an automatic block every time, just for first, second, and third quarter

get the ball with less than 24 seconds. Take the ball down on your side of the

court wait until there is 2.5 or less on the clock then walk out of bounds under

your hoop with the person you want to block with and when they take the ball

out stand directly behind the point guard that they are passing to when he goes

in his form to throw, it block it.


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