Madden 64 N64 Cheats

Madden 64


See end of game/trophies:

Hold L, Z, and R when the EA Sports logo comes on the screen...

Tiburon team:

Go to Create Player and type in TIBURON as the player's name. Then save and exit, and go to Exhibition game. Right next to the All-Madden team is the Tiburon team - giant players with maxed out abilities!!

Tiburon Stadium:

Go to Create Player and enter MAITLAND. You'll get the Tiburon home stadium!

Go to Create Player and type in any of these codes then save and go to exhibition:

sixties60's Team
seventies70's Team
eighties80's Team
AT_MaddenAll-time Madden team
San MateoEA sports Stadium
Howlie97 AFC pro bowl team
Lei 97 NFC pro bowl team
Stats MenAll Time Stats Leaders 
Elec ArtsEA Sports Team 

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