The Letter – Chapter 3 Spoiler-free Walkthrough

Going from the luxurious and eloquent Hannah Wright in chapter two of The Letter, we switch perspectives over to the laid-back and funny Zachary (or Z-Man if you’d like). Zach himself is different than the previous two protagonists in that he is just a simple man pulled into some crazy circumstances.

Though Zach’s photography-centric chapter is rather short compared to the last two in The Letter, he still relatively has a lot of choices to make and some rather unique quick-time events that can leave you confused and unsure what to do. Also, the endings here are vastly different in comparison to the roughly similar ones with Isabella and Hannah.

Even your choices and endings from the previous chapters start to really show results here and have an impact on the overarching plot depending on what you did. Following our The Letter guide (previous chapters here and here) will get you on the way to having the best results and ending for Zach’s portion of the story. Here’s our completely spoiler-free walkthrough for chapter three:

Chapter 3 Walkthrough

  • Choose choice one: “Play it off”
  • You should go
  • Tell Hannah
  • I’m a friend of Hannah
  • That one looks cute
  • Show pictures
  • We can still fix this
  • Quick-time event with potential game over if failed (can be skipped with tab or in options)
  • Keep looking for Ash
  • Ending 1

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