Box art - Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite – How to Unlock More Character Color Options

In the sixth installment in the fighting game series from Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite features more than 30 characters – with more on the way – from across both of the Marvel and Capcom universes. Bringing together superheroes like Iron Man from Marvel and Capcom fan favorites like Leon from the Resident Evil series, there are plenty of choices.

The wide roster of famous video game and comic book characters allows for you to easily roleplay as your favorite character or two. If you want to know just how many heroes are in Infinite and who they are, you can check this out to see the full list and their respective descriptions.

Once you’ve nailed down your favorites, a very important feature will be customizing your specific character. The most apparent way of doing this is by equipping one of the six new Infinity Stones that shake up the fighting gameplay in Infinite. We’ve got you covered on that subject, too.

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But once you’re past mastering your character’s combos and specific fighting style, you will want to jump into the online multiplayer. Pitting your favorite characters against other people online will have you wanting to make your team as unique as possible, so that you stand out.


One of the best ways to do that is through changing the color of a character’s appearance. Like other fighting games, you have several options to pick from to change someone’s outfit from one color to another. Each person in Infinite has a total of four different color options to choose from.

The game, unfortunately, never explains how to unlock more beyond the default two that are given right from the start. However, it is a simple and easy process to accomplish. The third color is unlocked by taking your preferred character and completing the entire Arcade Mode with them. Doing this process again will unlock the fourth and final color palette.

These steps only unlock the extra colors for that specific fighter, so if you have others that you wish to unlock more colors for, you will sadly have to also take them through Infinite’s Arcade Mode.