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The Evil Within 2 All Weapons Locations: Get the Revolver and Every Gun

There’s a whole arsenal of weapons available in The Evil Within 2, and each is an upgrade over the last. Hidden throughout the game, these guns will give Sebastian the edge he needs to get Lily and get out of Union. Several firearm categories also have subtypes, more powerful versions of the same type of gun that you pick up along the way.

Below is a list of all the weapons in The Evil Within 2, and where to find them.

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The Evil Within 2 Handgun/Pistol Locations

There are four types of semi-automatic handguns you can find in the game. Each of these pistols uses Handgun Bullets as ammo.

Semi-Automatic Handgun

The Evil Within 2 Semi-Automatic Handgun

Available During: Chapter 2

This is your standard, everyday pistol. This gun is the bar against which the other handguns in the game are measured. This will be your first weapon, and you’ll get it automatically during chapter 2.

Laser-Sighted Handgun

The Evil Within 2 Laser-Sighted Handgun

Available During: Chapter 3

When you use this pistol, you’ll have a laser to aim with instead of crosshairs. Damage up close is lower than with the first handgun, but it does more harm with better accuracy at long-range. You can find this weapon in the Union Auto Repair parking lot in chapter 3.

Silenced Handgun

The Evil Within 2 Silenced Handgun

Available During: Chapter 7

This is the weakest pistol, but the most useful by far. You can use it to lure single enemies away from packs and then take them down with headshots.

To get this firearm, you’ll have to complete Getting Back Online sidequest in chapter 7. You can initiate this sidequest by saving Julian Sykes the Mobius soldier, near the northern safe house in the Union Business District.

Burst Handgun

The Evil Within 2 Burst Handgun

Available During: Pre-Order Only

This bonus weapon has a slightly higher damage output than the first pistol, and fires in three-round bursts. You can only get this gun if you got “The Last Chance Pack” pre-order DLC.

The Evil Within 2 Shotgun Locations

There are three types of shotguns you can pick up during your journey. They all use Shotgun Shells as ammo.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

The Evil Within 2 Sawed-Off Shotgun

Available During: Chapters 3 and 6

This weapon has significantly more power than the handgun. The blast has a wide spread, so you’ll need to get close to enemies to get the full effect. You can find this weapon in multiple locations.

You have three chances to get this shotgun:

  1. The first way to get it is from The Marrow: Armory during the Rogue Signal side quest in chapter 3.
  2. You can also pick it up inside Tredwell Trucking once you track Lily there near the end of chapter 3.
  3. Your last chance to grab the Sawed-Off Shotgun is during chapter 6 in a storeroom in The Marrow: Facilities.

Full-Barreled Shotgun

The Evil Within 2 Full-Barreled Shotgun

Available During: Chapter 7

The Full-Barreled Shotgun tightens the area your blasts cover. It causes a bit less damage than the Sawed-Off, but you have a lot more range with your shots. You can get this shotgun in the Union Business District.

You’ll need to unlock the storage shed near the Post Plus safe house to obtain it. To get the key for the shed, you’ll need to go into the alleyway near Devil’s Own Taproom and tune into the resonance nearby. The resonance will take you to a corpse that has the key.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

Available During: Chapter 13

This shotgun fires two shells at once that do massive damage at close range. The disadvantage is that it can only ever hold two rounds. To get it you’ll have to complete the side quests Out in the Open and Getting Back Online for Julian Sykes in chapter 7.

If you completed the earlier side quests for Julian, you’ll need to make your way back to the Business District northern safe house during chapter 13. When you meet him, he’ll send you to The Marrow: Experimental Wing after you listen to all his dialog choices. After the end of the mission, you can find the Double-Barreled Shotgun in a nearby weapons crate.

The Evil Within 2 Crossbow Location

Check out our “How to Get the Crossbow” guide for full details.

The Evil Within 2 Revolver Locations

There are two revolvers in The Evil Within 2.


The Evil Within 2 Revolver

Ammo: Handgun Bullets

Available During: Chapter 11

To get Sebastian’s trusty revolver, you need to have completed all three Anima events. Once you finish the third one in The Morrow: Restricted Labs you’ll get the Revolver.


The Evil Within 2 Magnum

Ammo: Magnum Rounds

Available During: Complete the game one time to get it in New Game Plus.

The Magnum does more damage per shot than any other gun in the game. Unfortunately, you won’t get the chance to get your hands on it during your first playthrough. You must complete the game once on any difficulty to unlock the Magnum.

The Evil Within 2 Sniper Rifle Location

There is only one Sniper Rifle in the game, but it’s broken in two parts.

Sniper Rifle

The Evil Within 2 Sniper Rifle

Ammo: Sniper Rifle Cartridges

Available During: Chapters 3, 11-13, 15

The Sniper Rifle packs a powerful shot into a weapon with high accuracy. You can get this gun as soon as chapter 3 if you’re willing to put in some legwork.

There are three opportunities to get this weapon:

  1. In chapter 3 you can find the Broken Sniper Rifle on a rooftop to the west of O’Neil’s safe house. You can then get a replacement barrel in one of the garages in the northern section of the Residential Area.
  2. You get another opportunity to pick up a Sniper Rifle in chapters 11-13. You have to get to the roof of John’s Coffee to find this Sniper Rifle.
  3. The last chance to get a rifle comes in chapter 15. You can find one in the ruined city.

The Evil Within 2 Assault Rifle Location

You can get one automatic rifle during the game.

Assault Rifle

The Evil Within 2 Assault Rifle

Ammo: Assault Rifle Cartridge

Available During: Chapter 13

This is the only fully automatic weapon in The Evil Within 2, and it can mow down enemies with a quickness. However, it goes through ammo fast. You can get this firearm in The Marrow: Facilities safe house during chapter 13.

The Evil Within 2 Flamethrower Location

You’ll find this weapon in two parts which you’ll have to reassemble.


The Evil Within 2 Flamethrower

Ammo: Flamethrower Fuel

Available During: Chapter 11

This unique weapon sets enemies on fire. The drawback is it makes Sebastian slower and runs out of ammo fast.

To get the Flamethrower, you need to beat the Harbinger boss in chapter 11. Once that’s done you can find the Broken Flamethrower in The Marrow: Restricted Labs. You then need to defeat Harbingers in the Business District until you get two Flamethrower Replacement Tanks to fix it.

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