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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Kanye West Location: Where to Find the Gay Fish

Kanye West — or rather Kanye West’s alternate, “gay fish” form — is featured in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, but it takes a little effort if you want to encounter him. First featured in the season 13 episode ‘Fishsticks,’ Kanye is portrayed as being incapable of understanding humor, therefore leading to him believing that a juvenile joke about the word “fishsticks” sounding like “fish dicks” is a genuine assertion that he is a gay fish.

Kanye appears in The Fractured But Whole as the gay fish he transforms into at the end of the episode, with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone mocking the rapper’s upcoming video game ‘Only One,’ in which you must guide his late mother to heaven. This encounter also includes an appearance from Seaman, so fans of the animated series won’t want to miss it.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Kanye West Location

In order to trigger the encounter with Kanye, players must complete Father Maxi’s first side-quest, in which you’ll be tasked with fending off the advances of two lecherous Catholic priests. After doing so Father Maxi will eventually assign you to a second side-quest, in which you’re faced with choosing your religion. This quest will direct you to Stark’s Pond, a previously inaccessible location that can be reached by way of using Diabetes Kid’s ‘Diabetic Rage’ ability to knock over the gray pillar blocking the way.

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When players reach Stark’s Pond they’ll find Seaman looking out onto the lake, with him taking you below the sea to Kanye. From there you’ll meet his mom, who for some inexplicable reason is also a fish, before taking part in a Flappy Bird-esque mini-game in which you guide her to heaven on the back of a unicorn. You’ll then meet Jesus, who will ask you to choose your religion before you’re forced to fight a gang of prejudiced rednecks. Only in South Park.