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The Evil Within 2 Best Weapon Upgrades: How to Make the Most Powerful Guns

Your available arsenal in The Evil Within 2 is more expanded than in the original survival horror game. From new weapons to new ways to upgrade those weapons, there are many more options than ever before. Over the course of the journey to save his daughter, Sebastian will collect various weapons from the tried-and-true handgun to the powerful Assault Rifle.

With each of these, there is a robust upgrade system in place for taking all of your weapons to the next level. You can do so by simply going to any workbench in the town. These are scattered pretty generously around Union, making it so you don’t ever have to worry about crafting in the middle of a fight. To actually craft upgrades for your weapons, you just need weapon parts.

The Evil Within 2: Best Weapon Upgrades

The Evil Within 2 Sniper Rifle

It’s worth noting that some of the weapons are divided up into categories, such as handguns. Handguns apply to not only the initial pistol you are given at the start, but others like the revolver as well. This essentially saves you parts, as upgrades made for the handgun affects all of them alike. This makes it important to focus on your favorite weapons first.

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With that said, most of the weapons found in The Evil Within 2 have a similar upgrade tree with very little deviance. Due to this, these are the best upgrades that you should aim for first in each of your weapon categories to maximize effectiveness in combat against the horrific enemies the game throws at you:

Ammo Capacity- Being that this is a survival horror game, ammo is scarce and battles can become intense and/or frustrating because of that. We’ve already went over how to craft more ammo, but upgrading your capacity greatly helps you in fights as you will be able to hold even more bullets. This should be priority.

The Evil Within 2 Assault Rifle

Firepower- This is another upgrade that seems obvious, but is vital to your survival in The Evil Within 2. At the start, weapons like your first handgun are noticeably weak against enemies. It can take several shots to knock them out for good, so you need all the firepower you can get. At max, firepower can be upgraded to double the normal damage.

Critical Hit- Buried under the firepower section are critical hit upgrades. Unlike ammo and firepower, you can’t even access these until you’ve progressed somewhat through the firepower category. However, upgrading your critical hit is vital for anyone, especially those struggling with taking down enemies.

Upgrading this will allow you to have a better chance of landing critical damage when aiming at an enemy’s weak point (i.e. head), killing them faster and saving you precious ammo in the long run.