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Fire Emblem Warriors: How Many Chapters and How Long to Beat It

Fire Emblem Warriors is broken into chapters, just like the main games. It’s hard to believe that the typical narrative design of the Fire Emblem series managed to translate so well into a Musou game, but it does. It doesn’t take as long to beat Fire Emblem Warriors as it does the main games, but there’s a full story here, and it includes all your favorite characters from the series. Below we show you how many chapters Fire Emblem Warriors has, and how long it takes to beat the game.

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How Many Chapters Are There in Fire Emblem Warriors?

Fire Emblem Warriors is divided into chapters, just like previous games in the series on the Nintendo 3DS. Each chapter consists of a beginning cutscene, a battle, and an ending cutscene. Usually, at the end of each chapter, you’ll get new characters and items. Including the Premonition, Prologue and Endgame there are 23 chapters in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Fire Emblem Warriors Chapter List

  • Premonition: Interwoven Destinies
  • Prologue: Crumbling Peace
    1. Home in Ruins
    2. Woodlands Encounter
    3. Dragon Valley Temple
    4. Hero-King of the Desert
    5. The Dragon’s Table
    6. Hoshidan Princess
    7. Hoshidan Prince
    8. High Prince Ryoma
    9. Nohrian Princess
    10. Nohrian Prince
    11. Crown Prince Xander
    12. An Orchestrated Battle
    13. What Happened to Corrin
    14. Sieging the Citadel
    15. Taking the World Tree
    16. The Imprisoned Prince
    17. Royal Blood
    18. Chaos Dragon’s Might
    19. Reclaiming Home
    20. Clash at the World Tree
  • Endgame: Chaos Dragon Velezark

How Long Does it Take to Beat Fire Emblem Warriors?

Each Story Mode chapter besides Premonition and Prologue takes about 30-45 minutes to beat if you’re trying to accomplish all the objectives. If you’re just trying to beat each chapter as fast as you can, then you can probably clear each battle in 10-15 minutes depending on which level you’re playing on.

It takes around 12-15 hours for an average player to beat the Fire Emblem Warriors Story Mode. However, there are also History Mode maps you can unlock, and if you want to get S Rank on each chapter, it’s going to take considerably longer. A completionist run-through of the game at this point would take around 20-30 hours.

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