Box art - Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey 100 Jumps Guide: How to Earn Both Jump Rope Power Moons

Super Mario Odyssey‘s Metro Kingdom contains a mini-game that can bag you two Power Moons, with the jump rope in its courtyard awarding you the prizes after you reach 30 and 100 jumps.

While getting to 30 jumps is relatively easy, 100 jumps is a far more arduous task if you don’t know what you’re doing. With the jump rope’s speed steadily increasing, it’s easy to eventually find yourself out of sync with its swings, failing miserably before you hit your next milestone.

However, when you realize that the jump rope is actually a rhythm game, getting to the 100 point mark becomes a lot easier (though still by no means simply). Essentially, all you need to do to succeed is to jump whenever you hear one of the women holding the jump rope say: “Hey!” Every time she says it, press the B button lightly and you’ll make it over the rope.

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Even with this in mind, it can still be difficult to get the timing right. A little noise plays whenever the speed of the jump rope is increased, so we recommend playing Super Mario Odyssey in docked mode while playing the mini-game, as the speakers of your TV will likely make it easier to hear the woman’s shouts alongside the noise.

After a few attempts you should be making steady progress towards the 100 jump mark, and by pressing B every time you hear “hey!” you’ll have that second Power Moon in no time.