Box art - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2 Records Locations: Find All the Audio Collectibles

Wolfenstein 2 records contain songs from the Nazi-infested alternate history the game is set in. You can find ten dark twists on favorite songs from the 1960s, and it’s worth finding them to hear how ridiculous they sound. You also get a bonus if you find all ten record locations in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus: the Audiophile achievement (or trophy).

In addition to getting the chance to hear the records, you also get a cool visual indicator of your collection on Eva’s Hammer. When you’re visiting the U-Boat between missions, you can go to Club Kreisau and look at the album art on the shelves by the jukebox.

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Read on below for all the record locations in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

Wolfenstein 2 Record Locations: Manhattan

Harbor: Hans – “Mein Kliener VW”

Wolfenstein 2 Manhattan Harbor Record

When you find the crumbling police station, go in through the front door. Once inside, go right then climb the stairs. You can then use the desk to jump across the hole in the floor to the other side. You’ll find this record next to the heater on a desk in the corner of the room.

Ruins: Schwartz Rote Welle – “Ich bin Uberall”

Right before you head into the State Building, look for an apartment building with a hole in the wall you can enter. Once you’re inside, go right and walk towards the counter. You’ll find the record sitting on top of it.

Penthouse: Die Kafer – “Changeover Day”

After you finish talking with Grace and the Nazis attack, you’ll have the opportunity to grab this record. You’ll start upstairs, and from there you’ll need to make your way back to where you met with Grace. Head downstairs and in the right corner in front of you is a couch and a chair. In between the two is a wood table with this record sitting on top

Bunker: The Bunkers – “Toe the Line”

Note: Only available once you’ve returned to the bunker to get the New Orleans dossier.

Right next to the New Orleans dossier, to the left, is a record to pick up.

Wolfenstein 2 Record Locations: Roswell

Downtown: Die Kafer – “Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja”

Note: You must obtain this during the Übercommander mission.

During the Übercommander mission, you can find a building right next to the milkshake shop that you can enter. Head in, and you can find a record next to the drumset.

Underground: The Comet Tails – “Weltram Surfen”

Wolfenstein 2 Roswell Underground Record

Before you board the rocket train, take a look through the offices to the left. In the office on the right you can find this record hiding below a desk.

Wolfenstein 2 Record Locations: New Orleans

Wall: Zug nach Hamburg – “Die Schaferhunde”

Wolfenstein 2 New Orleans Wall Record

When you start the level, go to the right building in front of you. You’ll find this record in the room farthest from the door you entered to get in.

Lakeview: Wilbert Eckart und seine Volksmusik Stars – “House of the Rising Sun”

Wolfenstein 2 New Orleans Lakeview Record

After you go through the big underground area, you’ll pop back up on the streets. Near the end of the road is a flaming barrel and a little bit further past that and to the right is a vehicle you can find this record in.

Wolfenstein 2 Record Locations: Venus

Habitat: Vicktor und die Vokalisten – “Berlin Boys and Stuttgart Girls”

Wolfenstein 2 Venus Habitat

When the level starts, leave your room, and you’ll be in a rotunda with multiple rooms arranged like a hotel. You’ll need to go to Room 8 and look inside to find this record.

Oberkommando: Karl and Karla – “Tapferer Kleiner Liebling”

Wolfenstein 2 Venus Oberkommando

Look for a hallway that is marked “21.” Once you’ve found it, go to the far end and climb the stairs to the next floor. Go through the third door on your right, and you’ll see a record next to the statue of Hitler.

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