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Wolfenstein 2 Contraptions Locations: Get the Battle Walker, Constrictor Harness, and Ram Shackles

Wolfenstein 2 contraptions allow B.J. to use some new abilities which give you more freedom of movement. Each contraption helps to open different paths through levels, which makes things a bit more interesting. The Wolfenstein 2 Battle Walker will allow you to reach new heights, the Constrictor Harness lets you fit through incredibly small locations, and the Ram Shackles let you bust through certain grates with ease. Below we’ll go into detail about each, and tell you how you can get all three contraptions.

How to Get Contraptions in Wolfenstein 2

You don’t start the game with contraptions. You’ll have to wait until about halfway through the game, after B.J.’s trip to Mesquite, TX before you get to equip them. When contraptions are first introduced in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, you’ll only get to pick one of the three presented. There’s no right choice here, but each of them has abilities which we’ll explain that might make one seem more appealing to you than the others.

The contraption choice is presented like it’s a big thing, but don’t sweat it. If you regret your decision, you’ll get a chance to pick up the other two contraptions in the Übercommander side missions. Additionally, make sure to watch out for NPCs on the submarine that give side missions that allow you to unlock new abilities for this equipments.

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Wolfenstein 2 Battle Walker Contraption – For Tactical Players

The Wolfenstein 2 Battle Walkers are attached to B.J.’s feet and can be activated by pressing the jump button twice. Once you’ve extended them you can reach platforms you wouldn’t be able to normally, and see the area better. The Battle Walkers also let you spring up and perform melee attacks on unsuspecting enemies above you, which is much fun.

Battle Walker Location

Wolfenstein 2 Battle Walker Location

Talk to the NPC Barbara Casey on Eva’s Hammer in the central area near the lower opening to the Helm, and she’ll mark the Battle Walker on your map (seen above). Before you can get the Battle Walkers, you’ll need to use the Enigma Machine to decode M. Rademaker: Venus, Transporthalle. Head to Venus, and fight your way until you’re in a big hall with a tank at the south end. Behind the tank is a small opening you can duck through. Jump down the shaft to find the Battle Walkers.

Battle Walker Abilities

  • Wanderer: These leg extensions let you reach higher areas and explore levels more thoroughly.
  • Quick Draw: Time is slowed down when you’re using the Weapon Wheel.
  • Adrenaline: When you kill an enemy you get a small health boost.
  • Stamina (Complete Battle Walker Upgrade Side Mission): Overcharged health only begins draining once you’ve taken damage.

How to Start the Battle Walker Side Mission

Talk to Irina Yakova after you obtain the Battle Walkers to start the upgrade side mission. You’ll find her in the hall outside of the door on the same wall as the jukebox in the Kreisau Club.

Wolfenstein 2 Constrictor Harness Contraption – For Stealth Players

The Constrictor Harness automatically activates when you approach small pipes and ducts that B.J. could typically not pass through when crouched. The harness compresses B.J.’s torso and lets him enter tiny places no ordinary human could. However, if you use it too long it can cause suffocation, so make sure you travel through these small places quickly.

Constrictor Harness Location

Wolfenstein 2 Constrictor Harness Location

You can get the location of the Constrictor Harness marked on your map by talking to Huey Parks on the eastern side of the lower level of Eva’s Hammer near the stairs leading up to the Kreisau Club. You’ll need to use the Enigma Machine to decode K. Klinger: Manhattan, Bunker, and head there to start looking for the harness. You’ll find it near the end of the mission in the area indicated on the map above.

Constrictor Harness Abilities

  • Kobra: The harness allows you to climb into small places while crouched.
  • Silent Step: Your footsteps no longer make detectible noises.
  • Terror-Billy: Enemies will be terrified for a moment when they first see you.
  • Iron Lung (Complete Constrictor Harness Upgrade Side Mission): This ability will allow you to use the Constrictor Harness for more extended periods of time before you start losing health.

How to Start the Constrictor Harness Upgrade Side Mission

You’ll need to talk to Habib Ismail once you have the Constrictor Harness to start the upgrade side mission. You can find him by going to the lower level of the submarine and heading to the door in the east with the Cantina sign by it and heading left.

Wolfenstein 2 Ram Shackles Contraption – For Players Who Love Mayhem

The Ram Shackles are an exoskeleton which adds armor to B.J.’s upper body. Once they’re equipped, you can activate them by merely sprinting. The Ram Shackles allow you to tackle through enemies, obstacles, and certain walls and grates (marked by a yellow and black caution pattern).

Ram Shackles Location

Wolfenstein 2 Ram Shackles Location

To get the Ram Shackles you’ll need to decode the card for the New Orleans, Bienville Street Übercommander. Once you’re in the sewers, just follow the path and you cannot miss them.

Ram Shackles Abilities

  • Rammbock: The Ram Shackles allow you to bust through certain walls and grates, obstacles, and enemies when sprinting.
  • Sturdy: Blast waves and grenades no longer knock you down.
  • Cannon Arm: You can now throw grenades and hatchets much farther and faster.
  • Mechanic (Complete Ram Shackles Upgrade Side Mission): Once you have the Mechanic ability you can regenerate armor.

How to Start the Ram Shackles Upgrade Side Mission

Once you have the Ram Shackles, look for Ritva Tuomivaara just outside the helm entrance on the lower level of the submarine to start this upgrade side mission.

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