Box art - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2 Secret Ending: How to Unlock the Hidden Final Mission

When you complete the Nazi-killing campaign in Wolfenstein 2, the story isn’t completely over just yet. Surprisingly enough for a game that’s solely singleplayer, there’s a ton of endgame content to complete for those that really love the game including side missions, side quests, and even assassinations. While most of this content takes you back to familiar levels in the game, there is one mission that takes you somewhere brand new.

That’s right, there is a secret ending and final mission to unlock in Wolfenstein 2. Unlocking the mission is tied directly into the assassinations and Kill Board seen above. Thankfully, we’ve figured out how to unlock it and we’re going to show how to do the same.

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How to Unlock the Wolfenstein 2 Secret Ending

Unlocking the Wolfenstein 2 secret ending is pretty simple, but it does take some time and effort on the player’s part. This mission called “Riverside” can only be accessed after finishing all of the assassination missions and collecting the Death Cards (of which there are 15).

Once you have 15 Death Cards, you will be able to unlock the final mission in Wolfenstein 2. You’ll see underneath the Manhattan mission a new symbol for Riverside. Before you are able to complete it, you will need to unlock it using eight Enigma Codes. If you need assistance in collecting those, check out our guide here.

With all of that completed, you will be able to complete Riverside. It is a bizarre, dark and mostly empty level that culminates in a final boss battle with the last assassination target on the list. Defeating them will complete the Kill Board for Grace Walker and beat the secret mission, completing Wolfenstein 2’s secret ending mission and the game in its entirety.