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Monster Hunter World: How to Use the Grappling Hook to Climb Quicker

Monster Hunter World is a lot bigger than previous games. So much so that you get a grappling hook you can use to climb quicker. This vast open world is full of places to explore, and you’ll need all the help you can get if you want to traverse it faster. Learning how to use the grappling hook in Monster Hunter World is essential to make those tough climbs much easier, and below you can find all you need to know about this new item.

How to Use the Grappling Hook in Monster Hunter World to Climb Fast

You start Monster Hunter World with the grappling hook, so you don’t have to worry about any big quest to earn it. When exploring, you’ll sometimes find terrain that you can scale. This higher ground can be useful for catching your breath if you’re being chased by a monster or finding new areas of the map.

To use the grappling hook in Monster Hunt World, you need to find a surface you can climb. Once you’re climbing, you can press A on Xbox One or X on PS4 to deploy your grappling hook. Once it’s secured, you can use it to scramble up whatever you’re climbing a lot faster.

New tools like the grappling hook and a more extensive world make this one of the most complex Monster Hunter games yet. The series has made an excellent translation from handheld to console, and the new entry addresses a lot of issues players had with previous games. Monster Hunter World is an excellent addition to the franchise and allows new and old players alike to enjoy taking down enormous monsters for profit.

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