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Monster Hunter World Error Code 5038F MW1: How to Fix and What it Means

Monster Hunter World is shaping up to be a runaway success for Capcom, with it achieving critical acclaim and set to introduce a whole bunch of newcomers to the Monster Hunter series. However, with great reviews come great server issues, meaning that some are being confronted by the error code 5038F MW1 when trying to hop into the game today.

Let’s take a look at what this means, and whether or not it can be fixed.


Monster Hunter World Error Code 5038F MW1

Though Capcom has yet to address the issue, it’s highly likely that Monster Hunter World‘s error code 5038F MW1 is a result of the launch day strain on the game’s servers. We’ve been able to sporadically join games in matchmaking, though have been greeted by this particular error a number of times this morning.

Weirdly, we learned that we were able to create an online session while experiencing this issue in matchmaking, along with being able to invite others to it in a private session. It seems, then, that this error is limited to matchmaking for the time being.

If you find yourself frequently being confronted by this error code, then you’ll either have to revert to offline play or create your own session and hope for the best. Most online games experience teething issues such as this, so it should be resolved sooner rather than later.