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FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte Guide: How to Get a Cheap Miniature Aetheryte for Your House

Square Enix just released the latest update that opens up six new wards and sub-wards in the game for players to purchase. Being that there are many new home owners today, you will want to pick up some furnishings for your home, including a FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte.

The FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte is one of the most important outdoor furnishings you will want to find, and it should be prioritized at the top of your list. Let’s dig into why the Miniature Aetheryte is so important and what it does. More importantly, let’s get you one as cheap as possible.

FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte Explained: What Does It Do?

The FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte works much like a normal Aetheryte in cities and towns in the game. These crystals are your teleport points to instantly jump across the world of Eorzea. Purchasing a Miniature Aetheryte for your new home allows you to teleport there instantly, and for a really cheap amount of gil to boot. But how do you get one cheap?

How to Get a Cheap FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte for Your House

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There are a few ways you can purchase a FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte in the game. The easiest and one you probably thought of first is buying one off of the Market Board. Let us begin by saying: don’t buy one there! As we know personally, players will acquire the Miniature Aetheryte and then sell it to other players for a much steeper gil price.

Being that you just spent a ton of gil on your house, thankfully, there’s a way to purchase a FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte without breaking the bank. Go to your respective Grand Company base in one of the three starting cities and proceed to the Quartermaster there.

You can buy a FFXIV Miniature Aetheryte from them for only 14,470 Grand Company Seals. You may need to raise your GC rank in order to access this item. If you need more GC seals, simply do some more daily roulettes and you’ll have it in no time. Have fun!