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PUBG Xbox One Update Patch Notes: What Does PUBG Xbox Update 8 Do?

There’s a new PUBG Xbox update rolling out to the Microsoft consoles. Its main aim is to revert the low vehicle damage to players, which was introduced during the previous patch. It also squashes a few bugs.

Information about the new PUBG Xbox update was tweeted out by the @PUBG_help Twitter account:

The patch notes provide more details of what’s changed. The vehicles have received a slight buff, after player feedback, in the hopes to help make them more balanced.

Find the full list of PUBG Xbox One update patch notes below:

PUBG Xbox One Update Patch Notes: Gameplay Changes

  • We received a lot of great feedback following the changes made to vehicle/player damage. We continue to tune and balance this element of gameplay, and are therefore reverting back to increased damage if a player is struck by a vehicle.

The patch also features PUBG bug fixes, with the devs having “resolved an issue preventing players from vaulting over specific ledges and/or windows,” as well as the “camera will now remain in the correct location following player death,” and “vehicles will no longer relocate to another position on the map after the player disembarks.”

PUBG Xbox One Update Patch Notes

I find it curious how the vehicles are patched separately to the PC version. You would have thought that they’d have the same impact on gameplay, regardless of platform. I guess trucks and buggies are more lethal on the console version, with weapons being harder to use, or something!