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Fortnite Crossbow Stats: What Are the Fortnite Crossbow Damage Stats?

The Fortnite 2.4.2 update brought a substantial number of changes to both the Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save the World parts of the game. In the PvP multiplayer, players can now access the brand new Fortnite crossbow, an item that’s themed around Valentine’s Day.

Fortnite Crossbow Stats: What Is the New Fortnite Crossbow?

The Fortnite crossbow acts like your typical bolt-action sniper rifle, only firing arrows instead of bullets. It’s also very quiet, allowing for silent attacks on unsuspecting targets. However, the arrows themselves are bright pink, and so can be spotted easily the enemy.

The Fortnite crossbow location is in chests. Of course, if you defeat a crossbow user, you’ll be able to loot it from their dead body.

fortnite crossbow damage

Fortnite Crossbow Stats: What Are the Fortnite Crossbow Damage Stats?

Fortnite crossbow stats differ according to rarity. The Rare variant dishes out 75 points of damage, with an impact stat of 100.

The Epic variant kicks out 79 points of damage, with an increased impact of 105.

Fortnite Crossbow Stats: What Are the Other Fortnite Crossbow Stats?

Here’s a complete rundown of the full Fortnite crossbow stats, including fire rate, reload time, and more.

  • Damage – Rare 75.0 – Epic 79.0
  • Critical Hit Chance – Rare 0 – Epic 0
  • Critical Hit Damage – Rare 0 – Epic 0
  • Fire Rate – Rare 0.6 – Epic 0.6
  • Magazine Size – Rare 5 – Epic 5
  • Range – Rare 75.0 – Epic 79.0
  • Durability – Rare 1 – Epic 1
  • Reload Time – Rare 2.6 – Epic 2.5
  • Ammo Cost – Rare 1 – Epic 1
  • Impact – Rare 100 – Epic 105

Find a Fortnite crossbow, and use the knowledge you’ve gained to flank the enemy and strike from the shadows. It might bear love hearts on its design, but it’s a far from cute!

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