Box art - DRAGON BALL FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ Lobby Avatars Guide: How to Get More Lobby Avatars

Dragon Ball FighterZ lobby avatars allow you to customize your character’s look (albeit in a minor way) for those waiting periods in the online lobby. This is a great feature for allowing you to look your best and represent your favorite FighterZ character in the game. There are even characters available as lobby avatars that aren’t playable in the main game.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ lobby avatars cover the vast majority of heroes, villains, and important side characters from across the series. Though you get some from the season pass and through other ways, it can be confusing how to get more in the game. Let’s dig into how to get more lobby avatars.

How to Get More Dragon Ball FighterZ Lobby Avatars

There are some Dragon Ball FighterZ lobby avatars that you automatically get by purchasing the season pass, and there are some that you can purchase with real money as microtransactions. However, those both require you to spend your hard-earned dollars, which may not be for everyone considering you’ve already paid for the main game.

Thankfully, there are some ways to get the Dragon Ball FighterZ lobby avatars without using any cold hard cash. Similar to loot boxes, you can buy more lobby avatars through FighterZ’s version of loot crates. Called Capsules, these loot boxes can be bought in the game’s store with the Zeni currency that you gain by completing quests, doing the story mode, and through challenges.

There are more than 50 Dragon Ball FighterZ lobby avatars out currently, with more potentially on the way. Buying the Capsules give you a chance to randomly collect one of these lobby avatars, but it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll get the one you want so it may require several tries to get the avatar you’re looking for. Good luck!