Box art - DRAGON BALL FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ Dub: How to Change the Voices to Japanese or English

Dragon Ball FighterZ has a lot more sound options for dubs than is first apparent. If you started playing the game and just rolled with the Japanese voices without checking for an English dub, I wouldn’t blame you. Bandai Namco usually skips voicework when they localize a game.

So, even though I was a little taken aback when I heard the Japanese cast, I figured Dragon Ball FighterZ was just another game where only the text was translated. However, later on, I found out that Dragon Ball FighterZ does have an English dub available and you can switch from English to Japanese Voices at will.

How to Change to English Voices or the Japanese Dub in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Changing to English (or Japanese) in Dragon Ball FighterZ is simple. Load up the game and go to either the online or offline lobby. Once you’re there, you can open the menu and scroll down to options. In the options menu, you’ll find a selection for either an English or Japanese dub. Unfortunately, the subtitles are only available in English so that you can do a combo of English voices and English subs and Japanese voices and English subs, but you can’t do English voices and Japanese subs.

The English and Japanese dub for Dragon Ball FighterZ works in all game modes, so battle intros, story dialog, and other vocals will be in the language you choose. In my early copy of the game, the language defaulted to Japanese vocals and English subs, so I didn’t know about the English voices until after playing it a few times and stumbling onto them in the options screen.

Familiar voices return to play their parts in the English dub. Sean Schemmel is Goku, Chris Sabat is Vegeta, and the rest of the team from Dragon Ball Super lend their vocals to the characters in-game.

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