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Fortnite Dragons: Are There Dragons in Fortnite?

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Fortnite dragons. Many rumors have been circulating around the mythical creatures, stirred further by exaggerated YouTube titles and forum posts.

It’s finally time to get to the bottom of this, by answering the question: “Are there dragons in Fortnite?”

Fortnite Dragons: The Fortnite Dragon Glider

The main inspiration behind all of the Fortnite dragon rumors is the concept art for a potential new glider skin. Found within Epic Games’ recent “State of Development” blog post, the developers said that “gliders deserve love too,” and confirmed that they have “begun work on a pipeline that allows [them] to add new model parts and materials to creature more unique gliders.”

For now, it’s a waiting game, but with hype already building around the Fortnite dragon glider, it’s likely that we’ll eventually see it in-game.

fortnite dragons

Fortnite Dragons: The Fortnite Dragon Pistol

The Fortnite Dragon pistol is available in the paid-for Save the World portion of the game. It’s a pistol that uses Shells ‘n’ Slugs.

Here’s the Fortnite Dragon pistol’s in-game description:

“Pistol: Special. Part double-barrel shotgun, part pistol, and part DRAGON. Fires a wide blast of pellets at close range for extreme damage and knockback. Slow to reload.” (via Fortnite Gamepedia)

Fortnite Dragons: Fortnite Future Updates

It’s possible that actual fire-breathing, flying Fortnite dragons will eventually be added to the game. Fortnite future updates can bring all sorts of changes, with Epic Games regularly testing out new modes, new weapons, and more.

With all of this Fortnite dragons talk, it’s likely that Epic Games has heard the demand for dragon action. Your move, Epic!