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Fortnite Flippin Sexy: Flip Out With the New Emote

The Fortnite Flippin’ Sexy emote hit the Cash Shop in the recent 3.1.0 patch. This zany emote looks like something Deadpool would pull off, and is currently one of the more popular gestures in Fortnite. Below we’ve got everything you need to know about getting the Flippin’ Sexy emote in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

How to Get the Flippin Sexy Emote in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Flippin’ Sexy was added in the big Fortnite patch on March 1, and it’s easy to see why players are going nuts over it. This emote features a zany backflip followed by a ridiculous “sexy” pose which is a hilarious way to taunt the person you just killed.

Just like all rare quality emotes in Fortnite, Flippin Sexy costs 500 V-Bucks on the Cash Shop. It’s available now, so all you have to do is buy it, and it’s yours forever.

One thing that isn’t available in the Cash Shop, however, is the Black Panther skin. We can say that the Flippin’ Sexy emote would look great (and in character) paired with a Deadpool skin. Unfortunately, Epic hasn’t teamed up with any other companies to bring licensed character skins into Fortnite, so that’s a pipedream for now.

There are plenty of other things to check out from the 3.1.0 patch as well. There’s a new Lucky Landing location in the southern part of the map. There’s also a new hunting rifle that puts a unique spin on the sniper formula.

If you want to dress like a dinosaur, a new skin is available that lets you do just that. The new Rex skin will make you a ferocious, Jurassic predator, or at least the facsimile of one.

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