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Fortnite: How to Change Your Character and Costume

Changing your character’s appearance in Fortnite: Battle Royale is the best way to express your individuality in-game. When Fortnite was first released back in September of last year, there was no way to change your costume, and you were stuck with a randomly-generated avatar. However, Epic Games quickly added a system for players to purchase new costumes. However, changing your character’s physical appearance is another story.

How to Change Your Character in Fortnite: Battle Royale

There’s a ton of different skins that you can get in Fortnite: Battle Royale to change the appearance of your character’s outfits. These skins cost V-Bucks, though, which you have to purchase with real money. You can also get skins in Fortnite by buying a Battle Pass and earning them, but again, this will take V-Bucks to do.

To buy an outfit in-game, you just have to have the V-Bucks and visit the in-game item shop. The price in real money per skin ranges from around $10-$20 so you better make sure you’re entirely in love with a skin before you buy it.

How Character Creation in Fortnite Works

When it comes to actually changing your character’s physical appearance in Fortnite, things aren’t as clean cut. This is still technically an early access game, and there are still features being added to the game often. One of them that isn’t, though, is a character creator.

As it is right now, you have to make due with a randomly generated character that is created for you when you make an account. According to the official Fortnite Twitter, character creation should be added at some point in the future, but the Tweet referenced went out all the way back in September 2017 when the game first entered early access, and we still haven’t seen a way to change characters integrated into Fortnite.