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Fortnite Battle Hound: How to Unlock the Battle Hound Skin

The Fortnite Battle Hound skin is the latest cosmetic unlock available in the game’s store. Epic Games has been on roll with awesome-looking skins, and the Battle Hound is attracting a lot of attention from players. The Fortnite Battle Hound skin is part of the Laoch set, along with the new Silver Fang pickaxe.

If you’re looking to “release the hound,” read on for the full details on the Fortnite Battle Hound skin, and how to unlock it.

Fortnite Battle Hound: How to Unlock the Battle Hound Skin

At time of writing, the Fortnite Battle Hound skin can be found in the in-game store. It costs a hefty 2,000 V Bucks, and is part of the Laoch set. Another Laoch item, the Silver Fang pickaxe, is also available to purchase for 800 V Bucks.

As “Featured Items,” the Battle Hound and Silver Fang cosmetic unlocks will only be available for a limited time. If you’re thinking about buying them, don’t wait too long.

Fortnite Battle Hound: Back Bling Unlock

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Despite its 2,000 V Bucks price tag, there is no Fortnite Battle Hound Back Bling unlock included with the outfit. This will be disappointing to some players, as the blue cape would indeed make for a great Back Bling accessory.

It’s possible that Epic Games will make the cape a Back Bling item in a future update. The developers have proven that they’re listening to the community, and if the majority demand a Battle Hound back bling, then it’s likely to happen.

For now, however, dropping 2,000 V Bucks on this skin will only grant you the outfit, with no Back Bling.