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Fortnite Brite Bag: How to Unlock the Fortnite Brite Bag

The Fortnite Brite Bag has been spotted in-game, driving the more hardcore members of the Fortnite community wild with wonder. How did someone manage to obtain the unobtainable? Here’s what we know about the Fortnite Brite Bag back bling, and what it will take to unlock it for yourself.

Fortnite Brite Bag: What Is It and Why Do We Care?

The Fortnite Brite Bag back bling is an accessory that takes the form of a backpack. It’s pink, has a rainbow and a unicorn on it, as well as some colorful stars. It’s a style that would suit a child.

Why exactly is this child’s backpack driving players nuts? Well, it isn’t yet accessible by normal means. You can’t buy it from the in-game store using V Bucks, and it doesn’t come as part of a Battle Pass unlock, or via any other of the usual methods. Despite this, a player has been spotted wearing the Fortnite Brite Bag in-game, as showcased in the following video.

Fortnite Brite Bag: How to Unlock the Fortnite Brite Bag

As I mentioned above, the Fortnite Brite Bag isn’t yet available through normal means. Players who have already got their hands on it have either done so using hacks or in a special manner, which includes possibly being a developer.

The Fortnite Brite Bag will likely pop up in the store during a fresh rotation. If you really want to pick up this pink backpack, keep your eyes on the Featured Items section, and have your V Bucks at the ready.