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Fortnite Week 5 Challenges: Season 3 Week 5 Challenges Explained

The Fortnite Week 5 challenges are now ready and available for players to start targeting and completing. As is always the case, there are seven challenges to complete in total, which task Battle Pass owners with using specific items and weapons, searching different locations, and following cryptic clues.

This post is here to give you a full rundown of what the Fortnite Week 5 challenges are, and which order you’ll want to complete them in.

Do remember that these challenges will still be available once the week is over. You’ll have the entire duration of Season 3 to complete any remaining objectives, so don’t feel you have to rush to finish the list. Take your time, and please remember to enjoy yourself!

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges: The Objectives

The Fortnite Week 5 challenges are actually pretty simple this time around. Players will be on the hunt for a bush to equip, and chests in Moisty Mire will need opening. Then there’s the default weapon, the pickaxe, with which you’ll need to hit enemies for 2,000 damage. Gas stations will need visiting, as will Anarchy Acres. The more difficult challenges require players to get kills with a pistol and eliminate foes at Tilted Towers.

I’d recommend focusing on getting eliminations in Tilted Towers first, along with the pistol kills. Dealing damage with the pickaxe should be easy when landing next to someone, so knock that out when the opportunity arises. Moisty Mire is going to be pretty busy with players looking for chests, so I’d leave that until later in the week. As for the treasure map, we’ll have a guide showing the loot’s location very soon, so look out for that!

  • Use the Bush – 1
  • Search Chests in Moisty Mire – 7
  • Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents – 200
  • Visit different Gas Stations in a single match – 3
  • Follow the treasure map found in Anarchy Acres – 1 (Hard)
  • Pistol Eliminations – 3 (Hard)
  • Eliminate opponents in Tilted Towers – 3 (Hard)

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges: The Rewards

fortnite week 5 challenges

As normal, the Fortnite Week 5 challenges give players XP and Battle Stars, as well as a Reward Item.

4,000 XP is on offer for completing all challenges. There are four sets of five Battle Stars for the normal difficult tasks, while hard challenges will each grant players 10 Battle Stars.

Once you’ve completed all Fortnite Week 5 challenges and received all rewards, it’s time to once again wait for the weekly reset. We’ll see you again next week!