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Fortnite Theater Mode: What Is the New Replay System?

Epic Games has revealed the new Fortnite Theater mode, which is a replay system allowing players to create clips using a variety of video tools. The Theater mode captures gameplay in the background, which can then be revisited and tweaked using different camera angles, focus points, and more.

Fortnite Theater Mode: What Is the New Replay System?

The new Fortnite Theater mode allows players to not only share their awesome clips, but also to customize and tweak how they look using advanced tools. Epic Games is giving users access to different camera angle options, along with the ability to tweak aperture, focal length, exposure, and focus points. Teammates and enemies can be spotted, and a flyover camera provides a bird’s-eye view of the island.

You can see the new Fortnite Theater mode demoed in the video below. If you want a clearer look at the UI, I’d recommend slowing down the video playback speed.

Fortnite Theater Mode: What Is the Replay System Release Date?

Unfortunately, Epic Games has not yet announced a release date for the Fortnite Theater mode. It’s a common question from fans, so it’s clear that the demand is there. What we do know, is that the replay system will be made available on all platforms, which sounds like that includes mobile (though we’re awaiting confirmation).

The developers are extremely quick at pumping out new Fortnite updates, and they say that the replay system will be available “soon.” When Epic Games says “soon,” I tend to think of that being in the next few weeks.

Once the Fortnite Theater mode does become available, you can bet that even more videos will be popping up on YouTube. Epic Games is making it easier for content creators to make cool-looking videos, and the Theater mode is undoubtedly going to be embraced by creative players.