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Far Cry 5 Alien Objects Locations: How to Unlock the Magnopulser Energy Gun in the Close Encounters Quest

Far Cry 5 alien objects take the series to a weird new place and enable you to unlock the Magnopulsar gun. For all its antics, the series has been relatively rooted in the real world, but with the alien objects side quest things start to get a little weird. The Close Encounters questline in Far Cry 5 is your ticket to a strange alien date courtesy of Larry at Parker Laboratories. Luckily though, you do get a great prize for finishing the alien objects quests: the Magnopulser gun.

How to Start the Close Encounters Mission in Far Cry 5 and Find the Alien Objects

Before you can start the alien quest and get your hands on the Magnopulser, you’re going to have to find Larry at Parker Laboratories. You can get to Parker Laboratories in Holland Valley by heading west out of Fall’s End. When you first meet Larry, he’s in quite the predicament. He’s caught in an electrified cage, and you’ll need to free him.

The Free Larry side quest is pretty easy to beat. Just turn off the three generators at the end of the power lines coming out of the cage. Once you do that, he’ll give you the second quest in the Close Encounters quest line, The Hero’s Journey.

In the Hero’s Journey, you just have to go shoot some satellite dishes for Larry. Take down all five, and you’ll finally get to the most difficult mission in the alien objects questline, Close Encounters

How to Find All Alien Objects Locations in Far Cry 5 and Get the Magnopulser

In the Close Encounters quest, you’ll need to find four alien objects. They aren’t marked on the map, though. Instead, you’ll need to search for them in a wide area. Appropriately, these alien objects are located in a bunch of crop circles, and you can find their locations below.

  1. In the crop circle look for a bunch of turkeys surrounding something. You’ll find the first alien object in the middle of them.
  2. At the nearby Bradbury Farm, you’ll find a large silo. Use the small silos and roofs to jump to the platform on the side of the large silo to find the second object.
  3. On the edge of the crop circle field, you’ll find a dog. Chase him, and he’ll drop the third alien object.
  4. There’s a Peggie camp in the crop circle. In the middle of it is another object to get.

Once you have all four alien objects, you’ll need to take them to Larry and take on one last mission. The Out of This World Sidequest is a lot easier than the last one. Just head north to the electrical station and flip the five switches to reroute power. All you have to do then is head back to Larry and turn on the generator.

Once you complete this fourth and final mission, you’ll get the Science Fact trophy or achievement, and you’ll find the Magnopulsar where Larry was standing.

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